Welcome to Mogu

Eat, Play, Collect


On Moshi Island, adorable Mogus search for special ingredients for tasty meals. They explore the island, finding colorful fruits, mouth-watering vegetables, sweet herbs, and magical spices.

MOGU on a Mission

In their cozy kitchen, Mogus create delicious dishes, filling the air with delightful aromas. Moshi Island turns into a flavor-filled paradise, all thanks to the Mogus’ amazing cooking skills. Join the Mogus as they embark on their hungry quest to find special ingredients for their meals and become the best Mogu chef on the island!

MOGU, Made for Foodies

Foodies unite as we come together to share the most delicious recipes, fun food facts, kitchen hacks and beyond. Grab a seat and let’s eat!

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We’re friends who simply love food and can’t wait to share it with everyone through MOGU. Join us and let’s eat well!